[Music composed and performed by Kyle East]

First Moments Plan

For a limited time only  - we only accept 25 per year for this plan so we can give our members the individualized attention they deserve.

Please call for availability and with any questions!

(an $800 value)

This plan is designed with the new parent in mind.  Intended for use with a newborn, the plan can be purchased any time before the baby is 8 weeks old.

Then you receive a complimentary in studio session (Captured Moments Session + see bonuses below) during our regular business hours at a minimum of 6 intervals in the next year. You may come as many times as you like for no charge! Here is what we recommend:

*Hospital visit - 24-48 Hours old (if you prefer to trade this visit out for an on location visit, we can come to a birthday party or family event in the first year)
*Birth - minutes old - 8 weeks old - we prefer the first week
*3 months - 2 1/2 - 4 months old
*6 months - 5 1/2 - 7 months old
*9 months - 8 1/2 - 10 months old
*One Year - 11 1/2 - 13 months old

After the last visit, we (your choice) choose 4-5 images to use in a baby composite - a 10x20 FRAMED collage (you choose the frame) of your baby from birth to a year.  We then personalize and frame this custom composite, normally retailing for over $100 (for just the collage alone!) and it is our gift to you. 

And, as a First Moments Plan member, you receive a slideshow set to music from every visit, and all basic retouching a color changes are included. (this slideshow and retouching is normally only available with our Life's Precious Moments Sessions). If you prefer, many of our plan members, since they have a complimentary online slideshow from each visit, choose to have a Year of memories DVD after the one year visit.  This DVD has your choice of up to 2 songs and  all the images we shot throughout the year.  This is included in the plan, and if you time it out right, can be done in time to display at the one year birthday party!

As You Grow Album
Additionally, this plan now INCLUDES the As you Grow Album with your first page to get you started.

This beautiful leather 20 page album grows with your little one.  Each visit, we custom design a new page or two to insert in the album.  And, you are able to take it home to show off to family in between each visit.   Here are some sample pages from this album:

Total Value of this package - $800

Actual pages from an As you Grow album:



Donít want the Album?

You may trade out the album with its first page that is included for a set of three accordion wallets or $100 portrait credit. Your choice! Here are some examples of the accordion wallet books -- they come with 10-20 images and are in sets of three!