In-Studio Pricing

We can do so much for you in our studio. We have extraordinary props and backgrounds, literally hundreds. We take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours and you are never rushed. We don’t restrict you – you can bring who you want, wear what you want, change clothes, take a break, or do some pictures outside. (see the parameters that fit our two studio session types below) Your ideas and creativity mesh with ours to create a truly unique experience. Don’t think of it as a photo shoot – it’s an event!

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We are known here at Abundant Moments for our creativity and ability to capture the expressions and emotions that define who you are. Choose the session that best fits your needs and relax and enjoy the experience we have to offer.  

NOW CD available for purchase!

With a $200 minimum portrait purchase * of prints 11x14 and smaller, you can now purchase the image cd of all images from the session sized to 5x7s and printable up to an 8x10 for only $100!  This cd comes with a photo release printed on the face of the cd and are the exact images I send to the lab to make your prints. 

* For groups of 1-4.  5-7 people in the photos - $400 minimum applies.  8+ $600 minimum applies.



From $100 - $355
* Includes a $50 portrait credit

We call your  fee a commissioning fee because we are artists first and  photographers second.  A sitting fee covers only the time during which the pictures are taken, which is often limited at other studios.  When you pay Abundant Moments, you are paying not only for the time spent taking your precious pictures, but also the time spent cropping and color correcting each individual image, and most importantly the time spent designing unique and beautiful collages, storybooks, and other unique items for you to treasure or give to loved ones. Additionally, this covers online hosting, as your images will be posted online after your proof viewing for your family and friends to enjoy. 

We also include basic retouching in this price and color changes such as sepia, black and white and custom color/spot color.  Other studios will charge $10 - $200 for this service, adding quite a bit onto the bottom line. The service at Abundant Moments also includes a consultation to decide what sizes and frames would best fit your needs and decor.  Bring us a digital image of your walls or area, and we will help you decide what needs to be created for that space.

It is for these reasons that we encourage you to come in for our free in studio or phone consultation to discuss what to wear and what you are looking for.  We want your pictures to reflect who you truly are.  Bring pictures of your family, a scrapbook, photo ideas, lists of things you want... anything that helps us know more about you and who you are.  The more we know about your life, your love, your passion - the better pictures we can take.

Captured Moments  Session

9-3 Mon-Fri - $100
All other times - $125
* Both include $50 portrait credit 

Holidays  appointments (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day) incur an  additional  $50 fee 

• Outdoor and window shots included
• Unlimited poses
• One Photographer
• Generally 30-45 images
• Unlimited clothing changes
• No collage creation fee
• No color conversion or spot coloring fee
• No retouching fees
• Online Slideshow included – Hard copy DVD included with $250 order
• Web hosting for 14 days
• 6 complimentary Facebook images 

This session has no specific time or image limit and includes outdoor pictures as weather allows and window shots for the studio. On location sessions include various sets and areas.  These sessions usually run between 30 -45 minutes, but can span up to 60 minutes depending on the child/family.   


Life’s Moments Sessions

In studio – 9-3 Mon-Fri - $225
In studio – all other times - $250
* Both include $50 portrait credit

• Outdoor and window shots included
• No time limit
• One - Two Photographers
• Unlimited poses
• Generally 30-60 images
• Unlimited clothing changes
• No collage creation fee
• No color conversion or spot coloring fee
• No retouching fees
• DVD Slideshow set to music included
• 4x6 hardcover storybook with 20 images included (or set of three accordion wallets)
• Web hosting for 30 days
• 6 complimentary Facebook images

This session has no specific time or image limit and includes outdoor pictures as weather allows and window shots for the studio. On location sessions include various sets and areas.  These sessions usually run between 45 -90 minutes, but can span up to two hours depending on the child/family.   These sessions include a DVD slideshow of all images set to music, generally 30-60 images, and a 4x6 hardcover storybook (or set of three accordion wallets).

This session is recommended for newborns and toddlers, seniors and anyone wanting several clothing changes and lots of variety. All retouching and color adjustments including conversion to sepia, black and white and select color is included. There are no additional fee for collage creation with this session.   The on location includes studio and on location shots.


At Abundant Moments we now sell individual portraits  or units - each color corrected, cropped and adjusted to suit your specific needs.  This way you can customize your own grouping of pictures to fit your needs.    WE NO LONGER HAVE A PORTRAIT MINIMUM! -  you may purchase your pictures individually.

A 4x6 is $14.00

2 4x6s of the same pose is $18.00
A 5x7 is $18.00
An 8x10 is $36.00
A sheet of 4 wallets is $14.00

A set of 8 wallets of the same pose is $18.00

When you pay your commissioning fee  at your session, we will set up your viewing appointment before you leave, and you will return within the week (as your schedule allows) to view privately your images and order.  We require a 50% deposit down on your order at the time of viewing and you will be able to take your slideshow home with you to show family and friends. If you choose to order online you may do that as well for your convenience.

We also sell sizes up to 40 x 60, statuettes, purses, laminates, beautiful jewelry and, well, just about anything you can think of! View some of our hottest items here.

Browse through the galleries then contact us to make an appointment or ask questions.  Let us help you capture the unique moments in your family's life - like no one else can.

For more information on Locations, please see our locations page - we know some great spots!

First Moments Plan

Many new parents are taking advantage of our First Moments Plan.  Read more about this fabulous plan which covers your session fees and gives you large discounts  and perks for a whole year here.  We feel here at Abundant Moments that these first few days of your babies life are the most precious of all. 

Often parents wait several weeks before taking their first pictures.  By then, your little one is no longer the wrinkled new version of themselves.  While still beautiful, there is a newborn element that is lost.  We offer a special for newborns where for the same on location commissioning fee we come to the hospital for the first images and then you finish your shoot at the studio within two weeks of the baby's birth.  This way we capture those precious first moments and you still receive the benefit of our extraordinary newborn studio shots. 

Many parents then choose to have us design and create their announcements from that hospital shoot and pick them up, envelopes and all when they come in for their studio portion of the shoot.  Many times we will schedule that studio shoot for a day or two after the hospital shoot to get both views. 

Posing and Proofing

We guarantee you will have entirely different looks and poses from your session. Your pictures are ready to view within 7 days and once you have chosen your images, your finished portraits are ready within 14 days - guaranteed!  At your proof viewing, we watch a beautiful slideshow of your images and then customize your package.  The slideshow is yours to take home as long as you return to the studio for viewing, and all your images are available on the website for you and family to view as soon as you leave the studio from your viewing session. You also have the option of viewing and purchasing all images online for your convenience.


With any session we can custom design collages of any of your images.  These collages are unique only to you - we make them together - see some samples here and then please view our galleries to see our fabulous images. 


For more Birth announcement samples click HERE.

Wallet Specials

48 wallets – up to 6 different poses - $75 - 30% discount!

80 wallets – up to 10 different poses - $120 - over 30% discount!

120 wallets – up to 15 different poses - $185 - over 35% discount!